New album: Yesterday’s Ring || Goodbye Nightlife

Yesterday’s Ring was founded 20 years ago by the singer and two guitarists of Montreal punkband (and Fat Wreck alumns) The Sainte Catherines. The project was born while touring with their main project in the US, and inspired by country radio and befriended punk bands branching out towards something more traditional and acoustic. Throughout the years, Yesterday’s Ring has become an outlet for the band members paying tribute to their musical heroes, including Springsteen, Cash, Earle, McGowan (The Pogues) and Armstrong (Rancid).

The band’s latest record (Goodbye Nightlife)- their first in over ten years, is a strong collection of blue collar countryfolk and americana tunes with a punk rock heart. With their songs “born out of good and bad memories from their days living after midnight,” Yesterday’s Ring provide a varied take on traditional American music. It’s a take I quite like, thank you very much.

Goodbye Nightlife is out now through Milk And Cookies Records. [updat July 13, 2022: Rad Girlfriend has the vinyl release.]

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