New album: Alfatec || A Thousand Tears

My brain made an immediate association with Minor Threat’s Filler when I first heard the opening (and title track) of Alfatec’s A Thousand Tears. Alfatec are an Italian hardcoreband from Firenze, who clearly are inspired by ‘80s American hardcorepunk – in addition to Minor Threat, Adolescents, Side By Side, Wide Awake and a whole bunch of bands that are on the tip of my tongue come to mind.

Alfatec are not lightning fast, and they are unafraid to incorporate some rockin’ riffs in their songs. But ultimately this is throwback ‘80s hardcore, with intense and heartfelt vocals. With their A Thousand Tears album, Alfatec evoke a sense of nostalgia that I don’t mind at all.

Add to wantlist: Streaming only for now

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