New EP: The Neuros || Debut 7″

With certain releases, you need only one look at the band’s name, location and the typeface on the album cover and you know you’re going to like it. Case in point: The Debut 7″ by Melbourne punks The Neuros, discovered to the ever reliable Faster And Louder – thanx Josh!. It’s everything you’d expect and more, and after your first tour of these three songs, you’re sure to want another ride. After your second tour, The Neuros’ members (Freya, Ben, Al, Kirk) are starting to feel like your new best mates.

The Neuros play old school punk that is fierce yet melodic. But contrary to many of the original punk bands, it’s clear The Neuros are in full control of their instruments. Listen to the shredding guitar solo (!) in (Baby) Don’t for example. Or what about the bass lines on Orchids On A Budget ? Those give me some serious Karl Alvarez (Descendents) vibes.

The Neuros Debut 7″ is out now through Shipping Steel Records, who also will be dropping what looks to be a killer LP by Skid City in a month or so.

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