New album: Sweet Knives || Spritzerita

Sweet Knives finds it origins in Lost Sounds, the Memphis band that marked the start of the career of Jay Reatard. Jay sadly died in 2010, but Lost Sounds broke up five years earlier while touring Europe. The remaining members all went their seperate paths, playing in bands like River City Tanlines, Black Sunday, Mouserocket, Lover! and Thing. They resumed playing together in 2015 as Sweet Knives.

Spritzerita is the Sweet Knives’ second LP. Officially out next week, and with the vinyl versions expected to arrive this spring, Spritzerita contains 12 songs of guitar heavy powerpop that kinda sounds like a heavier version of Mary Timony’s Ex Hex. Singer Alicja Trout has the perfect voice for this kind of music. It has bite and sugar, giving the songs pop with an edge. Oh Danny and Blockin’ The Lanes are good examples of Sweet Knives hitting the sweet spot between punk, pop and garage. Those are my favorite moments of the record, though I must admit that I also really enjoy the more Sleater Kinney-esque Don’t Think Too Much and the mellow closer Fruitcake.

Spritzerita will be out 1/14 at FDH Records (US) and Push My Buttons (EU). Pre-order now!

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