New EP: Abi Ooze || R.I.P.

In the weeks leading up to the new year, I spend less and less time on keeping up with new releases. Most of my time went up with creating my year-end lists, and checking those of others. I am slowly discovering that there’s been no shortage of cool releases lately. First up is a bittersweet one: it’s the first, but also the last 7″ single by Abi Ooze – hence the title: R.I.P..

Abi Ooze is a project by Jade Baisa, a punk musician and documentarian from Hammond (Indiana). Baisa plays in Liquids, who released one of my fav records of 2021. As Abi Ooze, Baisa plays a fun mix of old school punk, garage, and ’60s girl group that reminds me of April March’s Shitbirds but louder and more in your face. I guess most of the songs on R.I.P. are from a cassette Baisa released a few years back. The songs are melodic, pogo-ready and efficient. Even the tracklist is abbreviated, with song titles like INTO (I’m Not The One) and IDW (I Don’t Wanna). Too bad there probably won’t be any new material, but I’m not complaining. This is good stuff!

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