New album: Los Pepes || The Happiness Program

In the first week of 2021 Los Pepes released a video and announced their new record The Happiness Program to be released sometime later in the year. That sometime became a long time, but the record is finally here. Was it worth the wait? Most definitely!

Los Pepes are an international powerpop quartet featuring Ben Perrier (Vocals/Guitar), Seisuke Nakagawa: (Bass/Vocals), Guilherme Rujao (Guitar/Vocals) and Kris “Killer” Kowalski (Drums). Los Pepes is a productive band consistent in terms of output, musical direction and style. The band specializes in the powerpop and garagepunk hybrid that Exploding Hearts perfected on Guitar Romantic. The Happiness Program is Los Pepes’ fifth full length in the past 8 years. The band also released a greatest hits compilation and almost two handfuls of singles in that period.

We wrote about Los Pepes’ latest single earlier this year. Two songs of that killer single (I Want You Back and Never Get It Right) are included on The Happiness Program, and they are not even my favorite tracks on the record. What stands out on The Happiness Program is the addition of instrument such as keys, organ, sax, lapsteel, and harmonica. This works extremely well and takes the record to another level. Listen to Sick And Bored and Anecdotes for example, two songs that are reminiscent of Gentleman Jesse at his peak.

I know it’s early, but I’m calling it: The Happiness Program is the best and most fun Los Pepes album yet.

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