New album: The Chisel || Retaliation

For a band that started in 2020, The Chisel has been crazy prolific. Following a trilogy of quality singles, the band released their debut LP this week. It’s called Retaliation and it’s a certified fresh and thrilling record.

Unintentionally, I’ve always regarded The Chisel to be the little brother of Chubby And The Gang – Chubby frontman Charlie Manning Walker plays guitar in The Chisel. But listening to Retaliation, that doesn’t make sense anymore: The Chisel step out of the shadow of Chubby And The Gang. Still, the two bands aren’t all that different sonically. But whereas the hardcore of Chubby And The Gang is heavily informed by pubrock and rock’n’roll, the hardcore of The Chisel has a much stronger streetpunk/oi vibe. Mixing aggression with melody, and working class urgency with gang mentality, Retaliation offers cathartic release in times of frustration.

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