New album: Covert Flops || Mission: Implausible

How’s your immune system these days? Here are three undercover cops who take a seriously unserious attempt to break down your defenses with their infectious brand of old school pop punk. I am talking about Agents A, B, and C who in their downtime play in Indianapolis spy-fi pop punk outfit Covert Flops.

With songs about spies, conspiracies, lizard people, and matters of confidentiality, the song on Covert Flops’ sophomore album (Mission: Implausible) are clearly inspired by their day job. But there are songs about girls (girl spies!) and breakups as well.

Professionally and ethically, I have my doubts about the skills and trustworthiness of Agents A, B, and C. But musically, they are alright by me, clearly having surveilled The Lillingtons and Teenage Bottlerockets throughout the years. Fun stuff this is! Out now on Mom’s Basement.

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