New album: Katujen Äänet || Kaiken Jälkeen

I can’t recall having heard of Katujen Äänet before, but the band has been part of the punk scene of Finland for over ten years now. In that period they released their debut album Sulle, Joka Yksin Aina Oot and several 7″ singles. They just released their sophomore album Kaiken Jälkeen. I am glad I stumbled on it because it is one killer record.

Listening to Katujen Äänet is like a throwback to late ’70s punkrock and powerpop, with just a dash from ’80s new wave for good measure. The songs on Kaiken Jälkeen essentially are pop songs put through a punk blender, and the results are tasty and contagious. Listen to songs like Matkalla Taas, Mitä jäljelle Jää and Nuori, Viaton Ja Sekaisin Kaikesta for example. Hits! The crisp production and the fact that the songs are sung in Finnish only adds to the coolness and sense of authenticity of Katujen Äänet.

Another release that is not on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, so you have to with the video and Spotify links below. Stream Kaiken Jälkeen now, buy the CD, or wait a little longer for the vinyl (thanx again, Adele).

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