New album: The Last Mile || Respect The Frequency

The Last Mile are a must listen if you like your pop punk and punkrock grounded in ’90s, but also appreciate how the orgcore scene put their own spin to that sound in the ’00s. On Respect The Frequency, The Last Mile operate somewhere in the middle of those two scenes. Admittedly, the record didn’t fully click with me on the first spin, but there was one song that made me return. That song? SCCS, a killer punkrock anthem with cool use of a saxaphone. From there on, this record quickly won me over. The Last Mile provide strong and powerful choruses, awesome vocals and above average songwriting. They make me wish I was cool and brave enough to skateboard.

The Last Mile consists of veterans of the Canadian punk scene: Chris Snelgrove (Prevenge, Whiskey Trench, Offside), Stephanie Cole (Answers), and Josh Carothers (Chilton, Ifarm, Funbox). Their combined experience helps to explain why Respect The Frequency is such an accomplished record and why the band sounds much, much bigger than a three-piece – though admittedly, some of the songs feature guest musicians.

Respect The Frequency is out now on Rad Girlfriend.

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