New EP: Gee Tee Vee || Halloween 21

“Wartmann Inc. Giving you everything you don’t want.” Wink wink.

Tee-Vee Repairmann is a project by Sydney based Ishka Edmeades (Research Reactor Corporation, Set-Top Box, Satanic Togas, G.T.R.R.C, Gee Tee). Earlier this year, Tee-Vee Repairmann released one of my favorite singles of the year. Last month, Edmeades joined forces with Kel Mason to record a couple of deranged catchy lo-fi punk rock’n’roll songs under the moniker Gee Tee Vee.

Opener Buddy Holly, Lives In My Basement alone is worth the purchase of this EP. But the other tracks are up to that standard as well. As a bonus, the EP includes a cover of The Boys classic tune First Time. Oh. Oh-Oh-Oh!

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