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Band names raise certain expectations. The first time I heard Postage, a four piece with a history in bands like Signal Lost, Male Patterns, After The Fall, they already had that competitive advantage by naming themselves after a classic All track, from one of my favorite All records (Allroy For Prez). Then again, if their music would’ve sucked that bandname would have been the piece of concrete sinking them to the bottom.

Fortunately, we need not worry about that. Postage’s self-titled debut is filled with melodic punkrock for fans of bands like Dear Landlord, The Dopamines and Leatherface. The record only has one downside: most of these songs have been previously released on the band’s two EP’s, and their split single with Mikey Erg. I’m not complaining though, those releases were digital only and I’m happy to finally be able to own these songs on vinyl. Postage is out November 5th on Dirt Cult Records.

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