New album: The Right Here || Northern Town

Twang is one of those concepts that is easily ascribed to a certain sound, but much harder to explain what it actually entails. In a literal sense, twang is “the resonant sound produced when a tense string is sharply plucked or suddenly released.” In another definition it’s described as “an ill sound in one’s pronunciation.” Twang is also associated with the sound of the Telecaster guitar, particularly when played relatively fast. Twang is usually associated with country artists, but is also frequently used to describe punkrock bands that have a rootsy, all-american sound with heartfelt vocals and countrified storytelling. Think The Gaslight Anthem, Think Dave Hause. Think Lucero. Think Arliss Nancy.

Minneapolis band The Right Here, who just released their fourth record Northern Town on Rum Bar Records, easily slide into that list. Thematically as well as musically:  “Northern Town represents our best attempt so far at capturing the tug of war between comfort and restlessness, home and the road, leavin’ and stayin’,” the band explains.

The Right Here serve up anthemic and honest rock-‘n’-roll songs like it’s all they’ve ever been doing. Northern Town is an easy record to fall for, with enough grit and pace to rile in the punk kids, and enough sonic depth to keep the americana crowd interested. And with songs like Here We Go Again, Every Once In A While and Good Luck Trying, The Right Here have the fist pumping, head bopping anthems to sway bars and venues around the globe.

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