New EP: Bitchkiss || All Blondes Go To Hell

The cover of the All Blondes Go To Hell EP features a mashup of the two members of Bitchkiss: Zach Megalis and his girlfriend Ellie. Zach writes the music and plays all the instruments, Ellie writes all the words and sings them with full conviction. Which is just as well with song titles like Hot Sex, Hollywood Perverts, and Death At The Beach. Oh and the title track of course, which Ellie, who is a blonde herself, introduces by exlaiming seductively: “I’m not Sweet, Just Nasty.” As soon as the music kicks in,  the sound of Bitchkiss reveals itself: Glamrock that is equal parts The Runaways and ’80s hair metal but without the guitar solo’s and the song length. Oh, and with a lot of palm muted guitar riffs (which I am a sucker for), a growling singer and maximum punk attitude. I find myself returing to the EP frequently, always turning up the volume.

The couple recorded the four-song EP in their apartment in Hollywood. “The EP is inspired by the many perversions & delusions of Southern California,” Zach explains. Zach, by the way, did the album art. Mashing up faces is a recurring theme, see his Instagram page for more of his work. I particularly like the comic book mashups.

Anything else, Bitchkiss? “We were born 2,000 years ago on Planet Mars. We love lobster tails, margaritas, beach parties, and sex shops. Our favorite color is green.”

Bitchkiss plans on releasing the EP on vinyl sometime soon. Music video’s are also in the works.
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