New single: Rabbit || Gone

There is still something magical about discovering awesome music from the other side of the planet with just a couple of mouse clicks. I am talking about Rabbit, a four-piece from Tasmania (Hobart). Rabbit has only been together for a year, but jumpstart their career with a 3-song debut 7″ full of electric and exciting powerpop. Recorded with Zac Blain of A. Swayze & The Ghosts, the single announces the arrival of Rabbit through a megaphone rather than a whisper. The three songs on the Gone single are loud, and singer Maggie Edwards attacks these songs with full conviction.

What makes the songs work well though is the band’s sense of melody. In a recent interview with Gimmiezine, the band’s songwriter and guitarist Bobby K. cites The Nerves, The Flamin’ Groovies, The Records, Vibrators, The Soft Boys, The Only Ones, Television Personalities, Buzzcocks, The Motels as primary influences and namedrops Oz punk acts like Celibate Rifles and Birdman and Saints as well.  I can also see fans of Royal Headache digging the music and guitar work of Rabbit. Good taste does not automatically translates to good music, but in the case of Rabbit it most definitely does. Gone is out now through Rough Skies Records.

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