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If the singers of L’Resorts sound familiar to you, it’s likely you have heard Vincent Kircher’s work in Jaill, or Martha Cannon’s in Lady Cannon. Under the L’Resorts moniker the duo are helped out by other veterans from the Milwaukee scene, and write folky (electric) americana pop tunes that are as pleasant as they are soothing. From what I’ve read, the duo started working together after Cannon send Kircher a Facebook message. At first, they did their recordings remotely, but when they finally met, their chemistry wasn’t just musical. Now the couple live together in Milwaukee.

L’Resorts is quite the departure from the garagepop of Jaill, although I could easily see album opener and title track Vacation reworked in a Jaill version. I love how the band namedrops Velvet Underground and Camera Obscura as influences, because these two acts signal of the bandwidth of the sound of L’Resorts on Vacation.: Pop music, but the good kind. And with an edge. The playful instrumentation of L’Resorts (listen to Bubbles for example) makes Vacation a joy to listen to, and the dual boy/girl vocals give the songs a timeless pop feel. Having been quite the fan of Kircher’s work in Jaill, I am kinda ashamed this is the first time I’ve heard about L’Resorts. But the band has been prolific since their start late 2018. Last year alone, they released two full lengths: Bad Love and Sad Happens (a fundraising kids album). In my book, L’Resorts are worth (re)visiting!

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