New album: Capgun Heroes || Last Call For Adderall

When you have opened shows for acts like Nerf Herder, The Lillingtons, The Copyrights, The Queers, The Smoking Popes, there is a certain level of expectation around your debut full length. Capgun Heroes (Chicago) go far beyond those expectations on Last Call For Adderall. I’m not talking about the band’s sound – there are clear hints of all before mentioned bands, particularly The Lillingtons and The Copyrights, although Teen Idols may be an even better comparable. I’m referring to how good the songs of Capgun Heroes are and how much fun this record is. Sure, we are all familiar with the ingredients, and sure, we’ve all tasted this recipe before. But Capgun Heroes is making me long for seconds and thirds. Listen to songs like Won’t Do You Wrong, That Girl, Let You Go, Waiting, and Wanna Go and you’ll be hooked.

Last Call For Adderall is a hit-packed pop punk fest that may singlehandedly postpone autumn for a couple of months. Or, at the very least will put a smile on your face and make you immune to the rain and wind and cold of the fast approaching change of seasons. Hits!

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