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Have we covered a band from Poland before? I don’t think we did. Anyhow, I’d like to draw your attention to the excellent debut record from Inhalators. Inhalators are a new collective of punk veterans from bands like Bilety Do Kontroli, Nowy Świat, PDS, Damrockers, Firenze, Royal Kids Of The 1977. They play a classic and authentic brand of ’77 punkrock that is upbeat, rockin’ and melodic. I should add multilingual to that list: in addition to Polish, the vocalist sings in English, German, Spanish and French. Most importantly, this band sounds good and know how to write killer punk tunes, as illustrated with songs like Atak Serca, Dziewczyny W Ramoneskach, and Another Kind Of Dziad Punk.

Inhalators is out now on the Polish label Enigmatic Records.

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