New album: Sonny Vincent || Snake Pit Therapy

It’s better to burn out than fade away is one of those truisms surrounded with the rock’n’roll and punk subculture. To be honest, I always preferred the positive spin 7 Seconds took on that exclamation in their classic anthem Young ’til I Die. Either way, here’s an artist who defies the expectations that come with age. Somehow, Sonny Vincent, who was a punk before you were a punk, and was writing garagepunk songs as early as 1970 – in the mid to late ’70s he played with The Testors and frequently performed at the legendary CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City, is still putting out music in 2021. And that music is neither redundant nor expandable nor tragic. On his latest release, the 15-song Snake Pit Therapy, Sonny Vincent churns out rockin protopunk tunes as if his career has only just begun. I have no idea how he does it after recording somewhat like 30 records, but Snake Pit Therapy sounds vibrant. Vincent’s songwriting skills are on full display on the record, and songs like Messed Up In Blue (listen below) and Never Tired are a masterclass in how to write timeless rock’n’roll. Rock on, Sonny. Rock on!

Snake Pit Therapy is out now on Finnish Svart Records. The record accompanies Vincent’s recent book bearing the same title.

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