New album: Friends Of Cesar Romero || War Party Favors

Friends of Cesar Romero is kind of an enigma. It’s a band that has consistently been churning out tunes with hit potential, yet somehow stayed off the radar. War Party Favors is the bands eleventh (!) full length, and there is a large batch of EPs and singles as well. Most of these releases are digital only, which is great in terms of flexibility and speed of releasing new music, but may explain the elusiveness of the band. The principal member and songwriter of Friend of Cesar Romero is J. Waylon Porcupine, who is from Rapid City (South Dakota) and a proud member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe.

Porcupine has a huge back catalogue of over 300 songs, mostly recorded and produced solo. It’s an insane number, and yet the songs on War Party Favors, like most of Porcupine’s songs, never outstay their welcome. They are poignant and melodic powerpop songs with a punk edge, and Porcupine’s voice has a grit size that matches the music perfectly. Snappy Little Numbers is releasing the record on CD, and I am hoping it’s the start of a bigger fanbase, because the songs of Friends Of Cesar Romero deserve to be heard.

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