New album: Eric Stephen Martin || Dreamlike

Eric Stephen Martin is a multi-talented artist from Dartmouth (Canada). I recently wrote about his side project Rick The Loser. Under that moniker he plays timeless pop songs disguised as slack indie rock and garage pop. Dreamlike is his first full length under his own name, and the record has a more traditional sound, somewhere between singer songwriter and folk. It’s the kind of music I seldom get excited about. Dreamlike is an exception to that rule. These songs are gorgeous in all their heartbreaking glory. Above all, they sound heartfelt and real and a strong support cast, including Joel Plaskett, Mo Kenney, and Bill Stevenson (the award- winning jazz and blues pianist, not the drummer of Descendents), take the songs to another level.

Unsurprisingly, Eric Stephen Martin describes the record the most meaningful and personal collection of songs he’s written in his life. I, for one, am grateful for Martin’s willingness to share these songs with the world.

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