New album: L.A. Exes || Get Some

I recently stumbled upon a performance of Best Coast on Letterman from ten years ago. L.A. Exes, a new band from L.A. (duh), made me think of that video. Not only because L.A. Exes play a similar brand of sunshine powerpop, but also because the songs on their debut Get Some are so insanely well crafted and infectious, I wouldn’t be surprised to see L.A. Exes touring late night television sooner than later. What makes L.A. Exes stand out from Best Coast though is how they incorporate ’60s girl group influences in their songs. Add in some cool harmonies and, in alignment with their name, snarky/cheeky lyrics about their exes, and you get a winning concept.

Get Some is the kind of record that could appeal to a broad audience. Songs like Skinny Dipping, Baby Let’s Pretend will steal the hearts of punks and power poppers whereas songs like West Keys and Get Some are full blown pop. And while the former are instant hits for me, I must admit I’m falling fall for the pop side as well.

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