New album: Pale Lips & The Sorels || Do the RUM BAR RUMBLE

The bad news is that this split cd between two of the finest garage rock-‘n’-roll acts of today contains no new songs. The good news is that all songs are hits. The CD compiles two Pale Lips 7″s and two singles by The Sorels. To be specific, it features Pale Lips’ 2015 debut Got A Sweet Tooth, and their 2017 single Should’ve Known Better. From the Sorels, it features their self-titled debut single (2019) and their 2021 Spring Break single – I wrote about that one here. It’s rather nice to revisit these songs. Candy Song was the tune that ignited my interest in the Pale Lips, and Don’t Take You Switchblade To New York remains one of my favorite songs of the band. She’s In The Gang by the Sorels is a killer track as well, and Spring Break provides as much joy as ever. Can’t wait for new music by both bands!

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