New album: The Yellow Melodies || Pleasant Dreams

The well of inspiration the Ramones provide is everlasting. I don’t think there’s a band that’s been covered more, at least in terms of full album tributes which we see a couple of each year.  Often these renditions stay true to the originals, like recent tributes by Brad Marino (Subterranean Jungle) and K7s (Mondo Bizarro). Here’s a completely different approach though by Spanish indie pop band The Yellow Melodies. They celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pleasant Dreams (1981) by transforming it into a heartfelt indie pop record. I can’t help but smile while listening to the orchestrated twee pop versions of songs like The KKK Took My Baby Away, You Sound Like You’re Sick and 7-11. For now, the release is available on cd and digital only, but a vinyl co-release by Hurrah! Música, Old Bad Habits, Discos Imprescindibles and Snap!! Records will follow later this year.

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