New album: Metalleg || Totally Distant

The new Metalleg record has 8 songs. It’s increasingly common for band to release 7, 8 and 9 track records and I’m never sure what to call this grey area between EP and LP. A mini LP? A maxi EP? Anyhow, it’s appears to be the right format for Totally Distant, a record that leaves you both satisfied and hungry for more. Metalleg operate on that continuum between powerpop, garage and rock-‘n’-roll where I feel right at home, or gutterpop as the band self-describes their sound. If you wonder why this band sounds familiar, and kinda like Dirty Fences, it’s because this band shares members with…Dirty Fences. That band already released two great singles this year, and this Metalleg record is another strong outing. Clearly, the pandemic hasn’t hurt their creativity. Songs like Radioactive, Seconday Love, and Back Around are instant hits, and with Hardest Part the band shows they need not turn their amps up to record great tunes. Good Stuff!

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