New album: The Media || Blink Of An Eye

There is no lack of articles about the media, but not so much on the UK band by that name. The Media is one of those late 70’s bands who only released a couple of singles that go for a week’s pay nowadays. Fortunately, Love Child Records released a more affordable anthology of the band’s output last year. And with new attention came new energy I guess, because the band decided to write and record a new album with the original line up. It’s called Blink Of An Eye, and is out now on Detour Records. In the past, the band was sometimes described as ‘too punk for the mods, and too mod for the punks.’ But in 2021, I’d like to believe such boundaries are less strict: Blink Of An Eye will appeal to fans of powerpop, mod, punk and glamrock. My biggest compliment to the band is that the album actually sounds like it could have been written and recorded 40 years ago. Fun stuff!

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4 thoughts on “New album: The Media || Blink Of An Eye”

  1. Well you hit the nail on the head. Lovely review and I never thought we’d do this again.
    Bloody glad we did!
    I obviously love what we’ve done and miss those times and the magic of the music.
    Old men tend to look behind them as the path in front gets shorter, well I do, it’s my life.
    I just wanted to hear this kind of stuff played now and not just from my collection of tunes made a long time ago.
    We play the way we play because that’s who we are and how we do it.
    But thanks for listening I hope more do both from then and now.
    Martin from The Media.

  2. I’m your fan from Slovakia I greet the band they made a great album I hope to see you live live at the concert soon!!!!!!!

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