New album: Hurry || Fake Ideas

Fun fact. Hurry frontman Matt Scottoline (formerly of the amazing Everyone Everywhere) once drew a picture of me. Back in 2018, he promised to draw a picture of anyone who pre-ordered the band’s album Every Little Thought. He made good on that promise further endearing my liking of the band. This week marks the release of the band’s third album Fake Ideas. For a band called Hurry, a three-year period since their latest release feels slightly ironic. Fortunately, Fake Ideas was worth the wait. Fake Ideas succeeds Every Little Thought (2018). Guided Meditation (2016) , Everything/Nothing (2014), and Hurry (2012) and it is a safe bet that if you like one, you will like them all. At its core, Fake Ideas offers more of the upbeat yet melancholic power pop of Hurry. But still, my gut feeling right now is telling me that this quickly will become my favorite Hurry record. It feels a tad punchier than the previous output of the band, and I quite like that. Doomsday, for example, may be the fastest Hurry songs to date. Slogging Through Summer (I love that title) is another uptempo and upbeat song that I instantly fell for. But in all honesty, that applies to at least half of the songs here – other songs I really been enjoying so far are It’s Dangerous, A Fake Idea, Keep Being Yourself, and Oh Whitney, with the latter sounding very nada surf-esque. I pretty sure I’m going to buy this Hurry record as well.

“If you’re feeling bored || I feel that way all the time || I Don’t Mind”

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