New album: Roselawns || Songs For Christina Argentina

Remember that Strum and Thrum compilation by Captured Tracks full of American underground guitar pop? If you liked that one, here is a new band to dive into. Roselawns is a duo (Sam Setzer and Antonio Gualco) from California who play the kind of jangly powerpop that is all about the music and less about the rock-‘n’-roll attitude. On Songs For Christina Argentina, Roselawns almost effortlessly churn out understated pop gems. I know they wrote this album for Miss Argentina, but they make it so easy to fall for this record with instant classics like Mexico Breath, Pretty Bad, and This Way. And those are just the first three songs on the record. It’s not just American underground pop, I hear a lot of British ’80s and ’90s influences, like the standout nods to Teenage Fanclub in You Miss Me and The Same, and the very britpopesque Next Week In Capitola. Roselawns also reminds me of the Waltones, a late ’80s Manchester band I really like. Clearly, Setzer and Gualco have great taste in music. Oh, and they expertly managed to channel those influences on their debut LP. More of where this came from, please!

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