New single: The Reflectors || All Made Up

The Reflectors’ debut album made it to #7 in my Album top 50 of 2020. You bet I get excited when I discover a new record is coming. So excited in fact, that I almost forgot to write about All Made Up, which is the first single from that new record. All Made Up is a classic ’80s powerpop single with infectious palm muted guitars and a catchy vocal melody that seems directly taken from Bruce’s Dancing In the Dark. The B-side to the single, Every Time I, won’t be on the new album, but shows the punchier side of the Reflectors and could just as well have been on the A-side as well. If these two songs are any indication, the new Reflectors record will be pretty pretty good. The album title is Faster Action and the release date is as of yet TBA.  Cant wait!

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