New album: The Planes || Eternity On Its Edge

Certain styles of music occupy a constant spot in the music world: never going out of style, but always at a safe distance from becoming the latest fad. That spot is exactly where The Planes operates on their new record Eternity On Its Edge. The trio from New York play catchy straightforward indie rock that is neither complex nor simplistic. The vocals are hushed and understated, the guitar work drive these songs to their destination unafraid to take some jangly sidetours, and the drums are tight and upbeat.  On Eternity On Its Edge, The Planes leave it up to you how much attention you’d like to spend on their music. Regardless of whether you’re playing it as a backdrop to your workday, play it loud in your car or or carefully take it all in with the lyric sheet, it all seems to work. RIYL: Knapsack, The Jealous Sound, The Magnolias and Eric Richter post-Christie Front Drive (The 101, Golden City).

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