New EP: Pomegranate Tea || Life Is Getting So _______

Life Is Getting So _____? Pomegranate Tea lets you fill in the blanks on their (I think?) debut EP. Matt Baillargeon, Reece Ashley Adam “squid” Chenier describe their sound as “new wave emo-pop pop-punk whatever.” Fortunately, I’d listened to the EP before reading that, because Pomegranate Tea definitely does not sound like the overproduced boyband version of poppunk I associate with that description. Life Is Getting So _____ is definitely melodic, but does not sound polished at all, and there is a contagious energy to the six songs on the EP. Pomegranate Tea do not limit themselves to genre boundaries, and in this case that pays off in a very diverse yet coherent (and very layered for a threepiece) sounding collection of songs. I am finding it hard to come up with comparisons for Pomegranate Tea. Perhaps they sound a like a more mathy version of Alkaline Trio? A more straightforward version of Braid? A more accessible version of Cap’n Jazz? A more dynamic version of Promise Ring? I’ll let you fill in the blanks. The cassette for this release is already sold out at Baron Tapes, but I am pretty sure this is not the last we’ll hear of Pomegranate Tea.

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