New album: Heavy Comforter || Joey And The Rapid Dogs!

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of motivational quotes about the motivational power of setbacks. Why waste time on those when there are so much tangible examples of interesting new musical projects that came out of the pandemic. The latest one is Heavy Comforter, a solo project William Johnson of Future Virgins, Sexy, Big Kitty, and Listening Skulls. Joey And The Rapid Dogs! is the first record under his new moniker. It was born out of boredom and heartbreak while living in quarantine. It’s full of straightforward and parsimonious midpaced garagepunk tunes with plenty of pop sensibilities, not unlike Terry Malts. Have a taste of songs like Welcome Home, J + R.D., Alana To Breathe and Human Conditioner and it’s likely you will become hooked. Tip of the hat to Let’s Pretend Records. who have a way of finding these kinds of edgy punkrock acts. Out now, limited to 200 LPs.

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