New EP: MikeTeeeVeee || Greenland

If you like your music well produced with a glossy finish, you may want to skip the Greenland EP by Roald Dahl aficionado & TV-addict MikeTeeeVeee. MikeTeeeveee is the solo moniker of Michael Maple from Michigan. “My Bandcamp page is kind of my space where I just put everything out with no filter. Maybe these songs will get re-recorded for my band (We Should Be Laughing) in a year, maybe they won’t. But it gives me a chance to play all the instruments and put the songs out my way I guess,” Mike explains. I’m glad he did, because the songs on Greenland are a prime example of the joy of simplification. There are no bells and whistles, just lo-fi melodic powerpop and indierock – the songs were recorded on 4-track cassette.

To give you a some idea of his sound, Mike draws influence from Guided By Voices and Pavement, and he was listening to plenty of Ramones and Marked Men when recording this EP. Fans of all four acts will definitely enjoy Mike’s music. If songs like 45, Oscar and Tommy are any indicationMike has a bright future in music. And in television perhaps? “Joe Pera talks with you has been my favorite show in the last year. I keep coming back to it over and over again. It’s filmed in the city in living in so hopefully if it gets picked up for another season I can find a way to be an extra in it haha.”

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