New EP: Jet City Sports Club || September Sun

Yeah, I know, we write about Australian bands A LOT. But the music that is coming out of Australia recently is just too good not to share. Well, at least Jet City Sports Club are from Sydney and not Melbourne,  a particularly overrepresented city in our coverage. The bio of JCSC mentions ’90s grunge and britpop as influences, but I am not really picking that up from that the band’s sound. The four-piece makes the kind of indiepop I have a soft spot for: Crisp guitars, upbeat drumming and an amazing voice in singer Lilla Obradovic, who I believe would also fare well in an altcountry band. It’s full on pop music, but with sufficient pace and bite to please the alternative crowd. It’s not the sound you’d associate with a band named Jet City Sports Club. We shouldn’t take the bandname too seriously, the band explains: “We always had the idea of ‘X sports club’ as it’s a bit ironic as we aren’t very athletic, except maybe our bass player. Jet City just sounded cool so we ran with that. Seb, our bassist, plays soccer and loves the footy, as for the rest of us, we’re definitely not a hugely sporty group,”

JCSC show plenty of hit potential on the September Sun EP, and opener Bloodhounds is a prime example (listen below). And based on this performance of Redfern Station, the band’s live shows will live up to that promise. So yeah, another Australian band making the wantlist. It currently digital only, but there are plans for a physical release. The band also hopes to  put out a full length eventually. Despite the murderous competition in their home continent, let’s hope a label will pick them up ASAP.

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