New album: Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters || Waiting In A Corner

Melbourne rough and tumble garagerockers Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters have been steadily putting out music since 2015. They just released their 5th LP (Waiting In A Corner), but only my first taste of the band. That’s a shame, because this is an excellent record. The band plays garage rock with heavy guitars, a rock-‘n’-roll groove and the intensity of hardcorepunk (not unlike Stiff Richards), albeit at a Hold Steady pace. A pitfall with this type of music can be that the music becomes one giant boring blur of noise, but the bands deftly sidesteps that misstep. Yes, this band is loud, and yes, this band will huff and puff and break down your house. But, there is plenty of melody, variety and cool guitar work to warrant your full attention. For this  short-attention span listener, the band even gets away with two consecutive 5 minute songs in the middle of the album – Eaten Alive and Too Many Ears are simply to good to skip. If you love music that feels authentic, is intense and rocks like crazy, Waiting In A Corners is a treat. Out now through Legless Records (Australia) and next month on Drunken Sailor (UK).

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