New compilations: 44 Golden Greats (Worst Idea) || File Under: Mutant Pop (Ramonescore Radio) || Hoarses For Causes (Cprw) || Kat Music For Kat People VI (Bloated Kat)

Fans of old school pop punk and punkrock rejoice! Among this week’s releases are not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 awesome poppunk compilations! Is this a coordinated effort to return pop punk to the masses? Is it an attempt to make this planet a little better – three of the comps donate proceeds to charity, the fourth makes an explicit statement against shitty behavior like racism, sexism and homophobia. Is it meant to bring some light to a dark and depressed times? Likely, it’s all of the above. Ready to dive into a combined total of 120 pop punk classics? Click on read more to check them out.

File Under: A Mutant Pop Tribute (Ramonescore Radio)
Having excellent pop punk bands cover bands from the legendary pop punk label Mutant Pop is a winning concept. Mutant Pop (USA) formed in 1995, and until its demise in 2002, released a slew of 7″ singles, CDs and CDRs that are becoming increasingly collectible and hard to find within the pop punk scene.  Mutant Pop’s roster included bands like Automatics, Boris The Sprinkler, Moral Crux, Dillinger Four, Kung Fu Monkeys, The Peabodys, Sicko and Dirt Bike Annie and they are covered here by their contemporary counterparts. The result? Snotty pop punk to chew bubblegum to.  All proceeds of go directly to The American Association of Suicidology.

44 Golden Greats!
(Worst Idea Records)
As if the 19 songs on the Ramonescore  Radio comp weren’t enough, here are 44 additional tunes of Mutant Pop worship! The roster on this one is impressive with bands like Doc Hopper, The Raging Nathans, Hospital Job, Mikey Erg, & Hatrabbits. None of the songs were previously released. Two of the songs were recorded twenty years ago, the rest were recorded between february and April  (2021), with several Mutant Pop alumni among the participating artists. Even new bands were started just for this project if I am not mistaken: Short Attention covering the 10 second Philiacs song Two Chords gave me a chuckle. All proceeds go to the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs.

Hoarses For Causes
(Cprw Records)
Cprw Record wanted “to release a compilation that would give the listener and feeling of empowerment, inspiration, catharsis or plain joy.” Mission accomplished. The majority of songs  on the comp have been previously released, but for most people this comp will be a gateway to discovering new and awesome punkrock acts. Proceeds of this one will go to Music Support, an organization that supports those in UK music industry affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction.

Kat Music For Kat People Volume VI: God Emperor Of Tune (Bloated Kat)
Okay, let’s go out with a bang. Bloated Kat call this a Sugar Metal/Dirt Pop compilation, with “35 contemporary artists from 11 countries banging out jams of the highest caliber.” That about sums it up. This is pop music with an edge, catchy as hell, but too rough, too  fast or too loud for most people. But we all know most people are seldom the best measure of excellence right? This is right in my wheelhouse,  and it features several bands I covered at this blog, like Pavid Vermin, Teenage Halloween, Teenage Woman, Sekunderna,  Heavy Lag, Outtacontroller, Hard Action, & The Speedways. The comp comes with a declaration of independence by the label: “We’re our own scene now. Welcome to the Sugar Metal/Dirt Pop scene. Everyone is welcome and equal here. We’re too busy with killer hooks to have any space for bigotry and ignorance. Bloated Kat is 100% a queer, feminist label that is vehemently anti-cop, anti-racist, and very much anti-excuses for shitty behavior. If you find any of the ideas expressed here to be even slightly cringe, fuck off and enjoy the pop punk scene. This isn’t for you. If this resonates with you, we hope these songs make you feel like you’re home. We love you.”

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  1. Thanks for the blurb!! All of the songs on the Worst Idea comp are unreleased; no previously-realeaseds allowed!!!! Two of the songs were recorded in 2001/2, and all the rest were recorded between February and April of 2021. Hooray for us all!!!

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