New album: The Missile Studs || With Love From The Missile Studs

Managing expectations is important. So when a band self-describes as “stupid music for stupid people,” and the tagline of their label is “purveyors of low brow music from around the world,” don’t say you weren’t warned. The Missile Studs are a snotty punkrock band from Adelaide, Australia that knows the power of playing songs that are fast, loud and fun. And the power of not taking yourself too seriously – according to the band’s FB page, band members include Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

I asked the band about their upcoming record (With Love From The Missile Studs) and how they managed to record it in a pandemic: “We actually recorded it before COVID. It was part of the same sessions as our split with Thee Evil Twin which came out in the middle of last year. Our influences are pretty self evident in our songs, we’re not trying to re-invent rock n roll. We just play a style that is as close as we can get to the stuff we’ve grown up listening to. We’re not smart, we’re not trying to pretend we have some insightful message. We just try to write songs that we’d want to hear. Catchy little ear worms that are fun to play.”

If you haven’t already, that split LP with Thee Evil Twin is worth checking out. The new record includes three songs from that record, including the super catchy Missile Studs Theme song. Anyhow, the new record is a classic case of underpromise and overdeliver. My favorite track, at least for now, is Boredumb, which is a classic ’77 punk nugget. With Love From The Missile Studs will be out on May 7 jointly released by Stamp Out Disco and Dirtyflair Record Company (Australia) and No Front Teeth (UK). You can stream it in full on bandcamp. Meanwhile,The Missile Studs are patiently waiting out the pandemic: “It’s still a bit too uncertain to be able to make any real plans, I’m sure at some point things will get a bit more predictable and then we’ll start working on the next stage of blowing this planet up.”

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