New album: Caddy || Detours And Dead Ends Vol. 1

Caddy is the brainchild of Tom Dahl from Norway. Dahl has a knack for writing classic power pop tunes. With Detours And Dead Ends, Vol. 1. for a title, I mistakenly assumed that his new record was a compilation of unreleased odds and ends. The thing is, the record sounds way too good for that. The songs are too well executed, too well written. That’s no surprise once you become aware that all songs on the record are covers of late ’70s, early ’80s powerpop and new wave songs. Not those one hit wonders though, nor bands we all know and love. At Sweet Sweet Music Blog, Dahl explains how he made it a sport finding the best, yet most obscure tracks: “I’ve spent many many MANY hours digging and searching. I loved it. It became a big part of the project. How can I find even more underground and unknown songs?” Now THAT is a project we at Add To Wantlist can get behind! But most importantly, the end result is so much fun. Dahl truly uncovered some great gems, and then covered them to perfection. And, as a bonus, he gives you an excuse to dive into a Youtube rabbit hole looking for the originals. Here are some of them Walking On The Roof by Sgt. Arms, If I call Your Name by Junior Campbell, Best Thing I Ever Did by The Invaders, Violent Days by Screaming Sneakers. Full list of originals on his Facebook page. I don’t think the record is on Bandcamp, but it is on Spotify, listen here. Kool Kat Musik will release Detours And Dead Ends on CD later this spring (April/May).

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