New album: Jacob The Horse || College Party Mixtape, Vol. 1

“Sounds like: a punkrock version of The Decemberists.” That truly is a spot-on description on the Spotify page of Jacob The Horse, whose new record College Party Mixtape. Vol. 1 is out now.Like Larry David would say, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good. It is like Colin Meloy has joined Jeff Rosenstock and Piebald to relive their college days. The result is perfect road trip music: it has soft-loud dynamics, anthemic choruses and essay length lyrics drenched in melancholy. All these elements are on full display in the excellent album opener Stealing From Friends Have Never Been So Easy. If you like that one,  you can safely add this one to the wantlist. Out now on blue vinyl.

Every song’s a copy of a copy of a feeling I had once || Maybe we should just give up on metaphor || Thinking that the modern day’s unworthy of Future introspection or dramatic verbs || Singing about the internet and mobile phones || How our lives are just performances in binary code

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