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Sometimes you come across a new release that you instantly appreciate. Take this self-titled debut EP by Beach Things from Singapore. Their sound is tailor made for me. It’s got pace, it’s got melody, it rocks, and it bridges the gap between powerpop, indierock and poppunk. In short: the kind of band that will appeal to a bigger audience. I was not surprised to discover that the members are fans of Ovens, Radioactivity and Marked Men, although Beach Things do not necessarily copy paste that sound. Perhaps the band that Beach Things reminds me of the most is The 101, an early zeroes band fronted by Eric Richter of Christie Front Drive.

Bass player and frontman Izzad told me how natural the songs on the EP came to life: “We started playing around at our rehearsal space earlier this year when our main bands were inactive for a while. We were already hanging out a lot before and we decided to make something productive out of those empty sessions since we all could already play some instruments. We usually warmed up with punk rock covers at the start of our rehearsals but then we started writing songs based off Hakim’s guitars and Sha’s drum beats later on. I would then follow through by singing melodies on top of it and then eventually these songs became a Beach Things release.”

About those primary bands the members of Beach Things come from? They are quite varied and sound nothing like Beach Things. But, they are all pretty cool to pretty great and worth diving into. I particularly recommend the catchy garagepunk of Anxious Living, but give the melodic hardcorepunk of Misissued, the screamo of Naedr, the blistering hardcore of C.L.A.W. and the skatepunk of Rubix a chance as well! With all these projects, what’s next for Beach Things? “We’d just continue this process of writing and releasing music on bandcamp and youtube, there are no definite plans at all. We just play it by ear.” Fair enough, but I definitely hope to hear more from this band.

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