New album: GG King || Remain Intact

GG King sang in the mighty fine pop edged punkband Carbonas, played in powerpop band extraordinaire Gentleman Jesse & His Men, and released a solo record seven years ago called Unending Darkness. The follow up to that record has a slightly more positive title (Remain Intact) and has just been released by Total Punk Records. Rehearsal versions of several of the songs on Remain Intact already surfaced online in 2019, but it took some time to record and release this record – I think GG King is less bothered with efficiency and speed, but the quality of his output. Remain Intact sounds like a major step up from Unending Darkness. This is still very much a punk record, but there is more melody, more harmony and GG King has a knack to time those dashes of nuance and poppy choruses well, making them quite effective. Basically, Remain Intact provides more to enjoy if you, like me, prefer your punk authenthic but don’t mind some sort of accessibility. Songs like Remain Intact, Melt With You, Sad And Crazy For A Long Time are instant hits for me. #addtowantlist

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