New single: Palmyra Delran and the Doppel Gang || Lucky In Love

He probably doesn’t see himself this way, but I believe Little Steven is a role model to many. I am not referring to his skills as a musician or actor, I am referring to his neverending appreciation of, and enthusiasm for great music, both old and new. Truly, in spite of his massive knowledge of rock ‘n’ roll history, he’s been showing no signs of musical paralysis. There is no cynicism, only listening to the classics or talking about the good old days. He still gets passionate about new music, and shares that passion with his radio show and his record label Wicked Cool. The label’s most recent release, Lucky in Love by Palmyra Delran and the Doppel Gang, is another example of Little Steven’s great taste in music. You may know Palmyra Delran from her work in The Friggs, Pink Slip Daddy, and several solo projects. Most recently, she played on the near perfect Uh Oh..! EP the Coolies with the dearly missed Kim Shattuck. Palmyra’s latest release is another winner. On A-side track Lucky In Love, the band creates an instant sense of familiarity and likeability by assimilating that famous guitar line from Then He Kissed Me. The flipside is another timeless hook-filled powerpop song, sounding like one giant staple of (pre)choruses. Out now on Roulette red vinyl.

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