New album: Wild Sandals || Sandale Grande

Wild Sandals is a German pop punk band by Florian Favorat and Beppo Hawaiian of The Favorats and The Hawaiians. You need not read the credits to know that these two guys worship The Queers, Ben Weasel and the Beach Boys. From the opening ’til its dying seconds, their debut full length brings quality bubblegum punk with solid harmonies. The record features eight (!) covers of classic songs by Beach Boys, Beatles, Herman’s Hermits and The Monkees. But to be honest, I think I like the six originals that round out the album even more. Taken together, the record sounds like a reworking of the Don’t Back Down album by The Queers. Safe to say, if you are into this kind of pop punk, you will enjoy this one. Includes cameo’s by Hayley of Hayley and the Crushers and Joe of The Queers.

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