New album: The Control Freaks || Get Some Help

You may know Greg Lowery from his work in Supercharger, The Rip Offs, The Infections, The Zodiac Killers and his label Rip Off records. In recent years, he has devoted his talent to The Control Freaks, a band that plays garagepunk’n’roll that sounds trashy, mean and catchy.

Get Some Help follow the band’s first two rippers Mindless Entertainment (2017) and She’s The Bomb (2019). If you liked those two albums, you are guaranteed to like Get Some Help as well. It’s more of the same, which is exactly what you should hope for in the case of Control Freaks who have that special kind of talent to write songs that are straightforward and yet so memorable. Songs like Gonna Be A Riot, My I.Q., I.C.U. and Popgun are a treat for any fan of rock’n’roll that is uncomplicated and real. Get Some Help is out now on Dirty Water Records.

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New album: Compilation || SLN-210: 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

Snappy Little Numbers operates out of Denver and have to be one of the hardest working labels out there. Or maybe they are extremely efficient? Anyhow, it seems that they have a couple of new releases out each month and not just digital. To celebrate its 10th year anniversary, this week the label released a 30 song compilation of past, present, and future bands they have worked or will work with. We covered quite a lot of the bands on the comp including Autogramm, Jiffy Marx (who contributes a very fun rendition of one of my favorite Resonars songs), Hooper, Spells, Friends of Cesar Romero, State Drugs, and The Animal Steel. But, if I’m not mistaken, most (if not all) of the songs are comp exclusives.

Snappy Little Numbers’ roster is very broad, even though most of their bands fall under of the many subgenres of punkrock and alternative rock. A consequence of SLN’s broad focus is that you are unlikely to fall for each of their releases. However, on a comp like this, the varied roster actually works to the comp’s advantage. Listening to this compilation is like finding a radio station you don’t want to switch off, and driving another block because you want to find out what the next song is. Cool stuff from a cool label. Happy Birthday SLN, Keep doing what you do!

30% of every compilation sold (both physical and digital) will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate (20% – stopaapihate.org – USA) and Elimin8Hate (10% – elimin8hate.org – Canada).

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New album: McBain || Hard Being Us

McBain are Ame, Ale & Enri from Italy (Milano), who formed in 2015 out of a shared love for old school pop punk and The Simpsons. Having released their debut album Revenge in 2017, they took a different route with the follow-up. Hard Being Us consists of three EPS that were released throughout the year. Each of the EPs showcases the perspective of one the band members. It’s a cool endeavour fully in line with the punk ethos which values both individuality and a sense of community.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this project is how similar the three EPs sound. It’s way more consistent than I expected, but in a good way. It illustrates how well the interests and ideas of each band member are aligned. Expect short and fast pop punk bursts – the total playing time of the 15 songs is 20 minutes. Check out my favorite track of each EP below.

Hard Being Us is released in a highly limited run of 66 hand printed 3-CD boxsets. Artwork by Luca Loreti.

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Dusted || The 10 Best Cover Songs Of September 2021

Not all new music is really new, as many artists occasionally play a song they know from one of their heroes. Often they are songs that deserve to be dusted and polished, simply because they should not be forgotten. Some of those cover versions are so good, we’d like to put a spotlight on them. Chosen from a wide range, here are – in alphabetical order – ten of our favorite covers from last month – links to the pages where you can add them to your wantlist included.

96 Tears || Cover: Oort Clod || Original: ? & The Mysterians
Manchester-based five-piece Oort Clod released a nice 12-track split EP (together with Priceless Bodies), on which the 1966 garage rock single is doused with a post-punk sauce. Out on cassette through Alphaville Records.

New album: The Mother Gurus || The Mother Gurus LP

The Mother Gurus is a trio from Melbourne, a city that harbours an infinite number of bands. Last week, the band released their 8-song self-titled debut album. And I have to say, I’m intrigued. The Mother Gurus mixes alternative ’90s guitars with the vocal harmonies of the ’60s and the psychedelic rock of the ’70s. It’s all there in the standout album opener As Far As I Can Tell (Papercut), which sounds like The Resonars playing early Nirvana or vice versa.

The record is not available in full on Bandcamp (yet?), so below is an earlier version of the song. You can stream the album in full on Spotify and the other streaming sites I guess. Anyhow, The Mother Gurus provide a cool mashup of styles that work surprisingly well.

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New album: Pep Talk || Live, Laugh, Lobotomy

The line-up of Pep Talk reads like a cast of comic book characters: Rocky, Rookie, Guli, Azeem, Grivetis. You may know this gang from their work in The Young Rochelles, The New Rochelles, Sketchy, House Boat and The Steinways. Is Pep Talk is a nod to the Descendents song? I am not sure, but it’s a great name for the upbeat old school pop punk they blast out of the speakers. To be sure, Pep Talk sounds decidedly more Ramones and Screeching Weasel oriented than Descendents – CJ makes a cameo on Trespass.They are the kind of band that would fit perfectly on Lookout! Records, Mutant Pop or Stardumb and songs like Next To Me and Dumb Love would not look out of place on those infamous Lookout! samplers back in the ’90s. Next To Me has the most hit potential, and its pop perfect melody even works really well in a 8-bit chiptune remix.

There are a lot of pop punk bands that have cool fast songs, but the best bands also know how to write killer midpaced pop punk tracks. Pep Talk certainly pass that test with songs like Who Would’ve Thought and Big Big Baby. But still, most of Live, Laugh, Lobotomy though is tailor-made for people with short attention spans and a desire for speedy punk. Throughout it all, this record is a blast, and it’s kinda crazy that Hey Pizza! Records released it on the same day they as the Capgun Heroes debut LP. What a week for fans of pop punk!

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New album: Killer Hearts || Skintight Electric

Opening the record with some high octane guitars, fast drumming and the vocals howling oeh’s and aah’s, Killer Hearts from the get-go provide you with two options on their debut full-length Skintight Electric: you’ll either hate us or love us. But either way, the Houston band (w/ members of Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, and The Wrong Ones) play their energetic version of glampunk’n’roll with full conviction. It’s not just the denim and leather, there’s a decidedly ’70s vibe to the songs of Killer Hearts – imagine New York Dolls, but faster and louder. Killer Hearts harbour a sense of suspense and meanness and I wouldn’t be surprised if Killer Hearts sound even more intense in their live shows.

That album opener of course is Get Some, a song that was already making some waves last year. It’s a major hit, and made me mark Skintight Electric as an album to look forward to. It was originally slated for a 2020 release, but with the pandemic and all (or vinyl press delays, who knows) the record took another year to land, and I almost forget about the band. Fortunately, Skintight Electric does not disappoint and shows that Get Some was no fluke, but rather their standard of quality.

Then again, Skintight Electric is the kind of record where its release date is inconsequential. Regardless of it being released in 1977, 2020 or 2021, there will always be an audience for this kind of music when it’s executed this well.

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New album: Capgun Heroes || Last Call For Adderall

When you have opened shows for acts like Nerf Herder, The Lillingtons, The Copyrights, The Queers, The Smoking Popes, there is a certain level of expectation around your debut full length. Capgun Heroes (Chicago) go far beyond those expectations on Last Call For Adderall. I’m not talking about the band’s sound – there are clear hints of all before mentioned bands, particularly The Lillingtons and The Copyrights, although Teen Idols may be an even better comparable. I’m referring to how good the songs of Capgun Heroes are and how much fun this record is. Sure, we are all familiar with the ingredients, and sure, we’ve all tasted this recipe before. But Capgun Heroes is making me long for seconds and thirds. Listen to songs like Won’t Do You Wrong, That Girl, Let You Go, Waiting, and Wanna Go and you’ll be hooked.

Last Call For Adderall is a hit-packed pop punk fest that may singlehandedly postpone autumn for a couple of months. Or, at the very least will put a smile on your face and make you immune to the rain and wind and cold of the fast approaching change of seasons. Hits!

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New album: Fatrace || Tropical Pleasure

I had a busy week, which may explain why I’ve been drawn to a lot of straightforward pop punk and punk rock. Arguably, the band that provided the most uncomplicated (and fun!) old school pop punk escapism was Fatrace from Indonesia. It’s my second acquaintance with the band; the first time I heard the band was on an Indonesian Descendent tribute compilation.

Fatrace spend more time than ever to write and record new material, and proudly call Tropical Pleasure their best work to date – I did a quick tour on their past releases on Bandcamp, and have to agree: Tropical Pleasure is a major step forward for the band. Fatrace kinda sound like a sped up version of the Yum Yums on Tropical Pleasure: expect plenty of bubblegum, hooks and sweet singalongs. It’s probably best to play it somewhere isolated, because you WILL get weird looks when you try to harmonize with the many papapapa’s and wahoo’s of this band. Fun stuff!

Tropical Pleasure is out now on LP and CD at Outloud! Records.

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New Single: Sonic Angels || Up & Down

Sonic Angels have been around the block. The French three-piece garagepunkoutfit (Marc Hacquet (guitar and vocals) with Sylvie Martin (bass and vocals) and Jose Segura alias Fletan of Wau y los Arrrghs!!! (drums)), who currently reside in Spain (Valencia, to be specific), released their debut LP over 15 years ago. Their latest single, the four-song Up & Down, shows a band that doesn’t intend slowing down anytime soon. The four songs are lo-fi yet loud, and full of sleaze and dirty guitar licks. It’s the perfect soundtrack to start off your weekend right. PLAY IT LOUD!

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