New EP: Angry Adults || Lust For Punk

Look who’s back! Straight from Helsinki, it’s Lookout!/Mutant Pop throwback outfit Angry Adults. This trio of musical misfits braved a cold and dark weekend right before (last) Christmas to crank out four new tracks that are bursting with raw energy and infectious hooks. The songs on the Lust For Punk EP have that signature unpolished charm that makes you forget about your morning coffee because you were busy pogoing around your living room. It’s fun, it’s fierce, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a band that’s keeping the spirit of old-school pop punk alive and kicking.

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New single: Horrible and the Saucers || Farewell Quackery!

Last month, Michael Horrible’s band, Horrible and the Saucers, made their debut at the Wantlist with their second single. I described their sound as “Buzzcocks and Zombies for the price of one,” and I stand by that description for their latest release Farewell Quackery! which dropped this week. The single features two new tracks that are an exciting outsider blend of ’60s psych and ’70s pop punk.

To state the obvious, I’m definitely on board with Horrible and the Saucers, who are conquering the planet one single at a time!

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New album: Blab School || Blab School

North Carolina quartet Blab School are a Craigslist success story. Veteran drummer Dave Cantwell (Analogue, Cold Sides, and In the Year of the Pig) put up an ad on the site and ended up forming a kind of supergroup that includes Ryan Seagrist (Discount, The Kitchen), Lizzie Killian (Glowing Stars, Teens in Trouble), and Fikri Yucel (Veronique Diabolique).

Their self-titled debut LP is out now on Fort Lowell Records. If you spun a carbon copy of this record, you’d find it rooted in the ’80s and ’90s alternative rock, new wave, and post-punk scenes. The diverse backgrounds of the musicians shine through in the variety of sounds Blab School explores. They practice a kind of DIY democracy where every member’s ideas get equal play, yet their collective sound remains as tight as a drum, striking with the impact of a single, unified vision.  Bands like The Wipers, Superchunk, and Jawbreaker come to mind, but there are also echoes of Killing Joke.

Blab School is a noisy and dynamic record where nostalgic vibes and fresh energy go hand in hand. Don’t miss out!

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New single: Litige || 2 Degr​é​s b​/​w Je Crie & Ca Reviendra

I have no idea why Lyon’s four-piece Litige wasn’t on my radar until now. They released their demo nine years ago, followed by two LPs. I’m checking those records out as soon as I finish their new three-song 7″, which is available through Echo Canyon. That might take some time, though, because I am pretty blown away at the moment.

Litige has nailed a perfect blend of post-punk guitar riffs, highly caffeinated punk rock drumming, and super melodic vocals. These three tracks will give your stamina a serious boost because you’ll keep wanting to walk to your record player, flip the record, and drop the needle back on. Just when you start mumbling to yourself how great of a song 2 Degrés is, Je Crie comes along and you start messaging your friends about having found a new favorite band again. Trust me, this is killer stuff- highly recommended!

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New album: Wakas! | Hey Franklin!

Excuse me while I catch my breath – I’ve just taken three consecutive spins of the debut album from Wakas!, and I’m all hyped up and ready to dive in for another round as soon as I finish writing this post.

Hailing from Padang, Indonesia, Wakas! draws inspiration from the speedy American Hardcore of the ’80s. The track Franklin! even throws a nod to the old school Descendents, but the band is talented enough to inject their own flavor into the mix, with some seriously cool guitar work. Just listen to the second half of the standout track Wahana for a taste of their unique spin. This record pushes the limits of your beats-per-minute meter, yet the five members never lose control of their instruments.

Time zips by like a rocket when playing Hey Franklin!, and its sub ten-minute playing time has nothing to do with it. This is fast, loud, and an absolute thrill of a record.

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New single: CB Kiddo || CB KIDDO EXPLODES!

In the world of budget garage pop punk, few bands offer as big a bang for your buck as CB Kiddo, a home-recording project by Emily Williston of Phone Jerks. Williston released the first CB Kiddo single just over three months ago, and now CB KIDDO EXPLODES! marks the third single*, each featuring a greyhound doing its best blueberry muffin impersonation on the cover.

Why is this band hitting 3 for 3 on the Wantlist? A simple click on the play button below will answer that. Not a second is wasted on this single; the two songs basically sound like lo-fi punk versions of theme songs to your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Once again, Williston’s vocals are as snarky as they are infectious.

Suffice to say, we can’t wait for the next single to drop in a month or so.

(*You can find our thoughts on singles one and two elsewhere on the site.)

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New album: The Shivvies || Punk Boys

Rotterdam’s own The Shivvies, featuring Marien (of The Windowsill, the Apers, Giant Eagles) and Michiel and Robert (The Real Danger), are back with their sophomore LP Punk Boys, which will be out physically on July 1 at Shield Recordings (pre-order link below), but can already be streamed in full. Building on their self-titled debut, this new release is even more impressive and solidifies their mission to create modern classics within the old school pop punk scene.

For those familiar with The Shivvies or the members’ other projects, the ingredients on Punk Boys will come as no surprise: catchy hooks, pitch-perfect harmonies, and drumming so precise it could keep Swiss time. The nods to the genre’s pioneers are there, but The Shivvies are not just paying homage — they’re elevating the sound to new heights.

One of the album’s delights is how it channels the spirit of Ben Weasel, especially his work with The Riverdales. Marien delivers those bubblegum-sweet pop punk anthems that stick in your head for days, while Michiel’s Ramonescore tracks add a sharp edge. This back-and-forth dynamic keeps the album lively and engaging, never allowing a dull moment.

Ultimately, it’s the songwriting and execution that make Punk Boys stand out. The Shivvies are firing on all cylinders and have clearly stepped up their game. With this release, they’re not just keeping pace — they’re leading the pack. Find Punk Boys at your streaming service. Suggested sample tracks: Moped, Runaway Girl, Fighting Chance.

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New album: Peter Bibby || Drama King

Fans of straightforward and explicit rock can turn to Drama King, the fourth solo album by Peter Bibby. The Australian songwriter/musician takes us through introspective moments of personal reflection to chaotic late-night scenes of local pubs. The twelve raw and wobbly songs are an exciting trip, where the moments of overdriven madness are the most impressive, but that works especially well because they are countered by subtle restraint. Opening track The Arsehole leaves no room for any misunderstanding (“No one seems to want to talk to me // ‘cuz I’m the arsehole, probably”), but we are more than happy to listen to what follows. We get authentic and curious or bizarre lyrics (for example, Bin Boy is written from the perspective of a wheelie bin), compelling and powerful guitar riffs, and distinctive gravelly vocals full of emotion, with goosebumps for Feels every time.

Drama King, produced by Dan Luscombe, is out now on vinyl LP through Spinning Top Records.

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New single: Crayon Cats || Demo

The Jakarta quartet of Uci, Dika, Tir, Keke make up the next addition to your bands-to-keep-a-close-eye on list. The name of the band? Crayon Cats, and if you think that sounds kinda cute, you won’t be surprised to find that they sound kinda twee. Definitely add punk to that description as well, because Crayon Cats  have a lot of nervous energy that needs to come out. They play the two sub two-minute songs on their Demo fast and with a raw and unpolished charm.

Demo came out last week on Tape in a limited run that is already sold out – a promising sign of things to come.

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Dusted || The 10 Best Cover Songs Of May 2024

Not all new music is really new, as many artists cover songs. Sometimes these are songs by their favorite artists, eg as a tribute to such a musical hero for a special reason, or they simply feel that a song deserves to be dusted and polished to reacquaint fans with great songs from the past. Other times, bands cover songs as a parody. Regardless of intent, some of those cover versions are so good or so much fun, we’d like to put a spotlight on them. Chosen from a wide range, here are – in random order – ten of our favorite covers from last month – links to the pages where you can add them to your wantlist included.

To be honest, I wanted to kick this off with Swedish rock band The Hives’ take on Blue Swede’s Hooked On A Feeling. You probably know the “Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga” chant from Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1, but the tune is actually 50 years old. The new version is recorded for Spotify Singles, which means we cannot easily embed it here (you’ll find a link in the honorable mentions later in this post). Fortunately, there’s plenty more to choose from.

Star Star || Cover: The Cynz || Original: The Rolling Stones
On their latest release, JEM Records celebrates Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, after previously honoring John Lennon (2020), Brian Wilson (2021), Pete Townshend (2022) and Ray Davies (2023) with a strong compilation in this series. This new one is also fun, with energetic contributions from favorite bands and artists such as The Midnight Callers, Paul Collins, TheAirport77s, Nick Piunti and The Weeklings. No fillers here, but I like the ragged edge of The Cynz the best.

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