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New single: The Embrooks || It’s Time You Realised

The Embrooks are garagepop & freakbeat legends from the UK. With the exception of several hiatus, they’ve been releasing timeless music since the late nineties. Their most recent one is a two song single for Spinout Nuggets & State Records. The A-side is the mono version of Human Living Vampire, a song from their 2018 LP We Who Are – I think this song works even better in the mono version. The B-side is It’s Time You Realised, a perfectly executed cover of the ’66 punk classic by the Morlochs.

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New album: ROOVS || ROOVS

“Little honey come a little closer // Maybe we can find the time // To move a little bit backwards // Losing our minds” – that’s how ROOVS sing in the previously released single Devil, My Love. These lyrics clearly reflect what to expect from the Canadian five-piece. Joe Berardinucci, Matt Sagar, Isaac Seglins, Ethan Surman, and Ben Robinson play infectious indie / garage rock building on a rich music history. Their self-titled full-length debut album features ten varied guitar-driven songs with tempo changes, worth giving it a listen. RIYL The Mystery Lights, The Districts, The Murlocs, Straight Arrows.

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New album: Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg || Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg

The Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg describe themselves as ‘three blokes transcending the mundane and systematic squarehead-ism, to bring you the rhythmic riddles of the cosmic crustacean.’ The bottom line is that Steve Francis (drums), Bobby Peru (bass), and The Leisure Stalker (guitar) play instrumental 1960’s rhythm and blues / garage rock. Each track starts with a recitation of its cryptic absurdist song title, and then it goes off. The self-titled debut album from the Australian three-piece is out now digitally and on vinyl LP (150 copies) through Swashbuckling Hobo Records. Great soundtrack for an exciting movie that doesn’t exist. ‘The Lobsterbotomy awaits…’

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New EP: ọRIọNE || Astral Paramnesia

The raw energy and improvisations of the Italian psychedelic / garage rock band ọRIọNE come out best in live shows, but as we all know that has not been possible for 16 months as a result of the current circumstances. Astral Paramnesia is an EP born from the need to make music as a band without having the opportunity to play on stage, the result of a series of demo exchanges between the members of the band, structured in a home recording regime and ended up in a studio. When you hear the first notes of opening track Deja Vu you think that Thee Oh Sees are operating under a new name again, but after 10 seconds Alessandro Vanni (guitar / vocals), Massimiliano Bruno (bass / vocals), Andrea Torre (keyboards), and Tommaso Marraccini (drums) take a turn and then they show their own faces. These are five songs that are already very worthwhile digitally, but hopefully can also be experienced live in a sweaty pub soon.

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Gimme 5! Devon Milley Shares The Top 5 Records He And His Ex Press Bandmate Matt Bonded Over During The Pandemic

With ‘Gimme 5!’ we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: artists WE like share 5 records THEY love.

Ex Press are a new band I’m really exited about. I recently wrote about their first EP Itchy To Move, which Ex Press (Devon Milley & Matthew Fudge) recorded with Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo. If you are unfamiliar with Ex Press, their lead single Headrest is a perfect example of their hybrid of synthpunk, powerpop, new wave and pop punk. Watch the Daniel Fried (TV’s Daniel, Bad Sports, Radioactivity) produced video below.

Given the distinct sound of Ex Press, I was curious about the band’s influences. Devon Milley, who takes charge of vocals, drums & guitar for the band, was so kind to share a Gimme 5! list with the albums he and his bandmate Matthew obsessed over during the pandemic. His list makes me even more excited for the new 3-song Ex Press single they recorded and will release later this year. [Post continues below]

New album: Bamms || Last Chance

Last week I wrote about how Spain is the European hotbed for all things rock-‘n’-roll. In the slipstream of the new records from Anamorados (Barcelona) and Rata Negra (Madrid) we covered, here is Bamms from Hernani – a small city in the Northeastern part of Spain. Unlike the two beforementioned bands who have more punk and pop leanings in their sound, Bamms play classic and sleazy guitar driven rock-‘n’-roll. It’s the kind of music best experienced at maximum volume in a sweaty bar.  Available on black or blue vinyl at Artza Records.

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New single: Prisoner / Witchcake || Split

Dead Broke Rekerds have a high standard for their releases – at least I believe they do. Outpatient (who we recently covered), Laika’s Orbit and Notches are just some examples of bands on their roster with the intangibles to make them  stand out of the punkrock pack. This latest release, a split 7″ (limited to 350 copies, of which 100 blue/white swirl) with Prisoner & Witchcake is no exception. Prisoner (ex-Dude Jams) play futuristic garagepunk.Ten Years Done could be a Mark Ryan song (Mind Spiders, Marked Men), and that’s a good thing. On the flipside, Witchcake (ex-Grumpies/Dead Dog) offer garagerock that is slightly pop and psych oriented. Satellite is an infectious track with hit potential, and the band’s second song is a pretty great cover of The Rats’ Can’t Stand Back.

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New album: Confio En Tus Amigos || Rapida Comida

Next up in the category “I don’t understand their lyrics, but I do like their songs,” we have Confio En Tus Amigos. The band from Chile just released their second album Rapida Comida, which, if I’m not mistaken, translates to Fast Food. It’s a well chosen title for a record that offers 11 bites you can gobble up in 16 minutes. And unlike the cover suggests, the menu is more varied than you’d expect. Confio En Tus  Amigos have no issue bouncing around garage, psych, punk and even Latin influences. I don’t know about you, but I am having seconds!

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New single: Boy Golden || Church of Better Daze / Eggs Benediction

As an introduction to his quirky, intriguing world, Boy Golden released two uplifting songs, Church of Better Daze and Eggs Benediction, out now digitally via Six Shooter Records. The Canadian songwriter has a purpose: enjoy each day and make good music. To that end, he founded The Church of Better Daze, appointing himself as minister. Redefining jam band and stoner cultures by turning dead heads into lively brains, Boy Golden wants to unite us all in a hazy dream under one roof, where it’s all about collaboration, common goals and cannabis. Whatever, this is catchy alt-country / indie rock, also great fun for non-believers who are not under the influence of narcotics. A full-length album is expected on July 16. Woohoo!

‘I was talking to a street corner preacher // He said man I’ve got a few things I can teach ya // Teach ya how to live in a righteous way // Send you off to heaven this very day’

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New single: Namen Namen || Riding In The Wind

Namen Namen are outliers in a digital world. They don’t care about social media, and lack the money for proper recording equipment. They do care about music though, as illustrated in their excellent new single Riding In The Wind. The single  features two killer ramshackle lo-fi garage pop hits. The band draw their influences from classic acts like Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Beach Boys and The Fall, and it shows. Good stuff! Too bad a limited run of 7″ singles was sold out in 24 hours.

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