GIMME 5! || Scott Davis (Virginia Trance) Shares 5 Records To Listen To in 2021

With Gimme 5! we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: artists WE like, share 5 records THEY love.

We are absolutely thrilled to present this week’s curator of Gimme 5!: Scott Davis. Scott is the main man behind Virginia Trance, who released Vincent’s Playlist last year – Niek’s favorite indiepop record of 2020. Scott also played in the psychelic rock band Psychic Ill’s. In his list, Scott challenges us to wander off the beaten path, and discusses the importance of an eclectic listening experience – which we love, and probably should do more often.

Click below to read and listen. Scott added short explanations for each pick. He even throws in his top 5 Lou Reed albums for good measure. We added YT video’s and Discogs links so you can add these records to your wantlist. Thanks a lot Scott!

New album: Cheekface || Emphatically No.

Cheekface is a prolific band, with songs, singles, and EPs seemingly appearing every few months. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the band, you’ve probably already heard about half of their new full length Empathically No. And if that is the case, you’ll also know that this record will be fun as hell – the record includes both songs of the Emotional Rent Control 7″, which made my best singles of 2020 list. If you don’t know this band yet, Cheekface are an offbeat indiepop band that write extremely catchy popsongs with a talksinger and huge choruses. I guess they sound like a K Records version of They Might Be Giants? Anyhow, put this record on and let it put a smile on your face.

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“New” album: The Seeers || Happy Peak

Seeers, where have you been for the past five years*? In 2015, The Seeers were my band to watch and I frequently played their single in the Windian Records Subscription Series featuring the awesome Without Lites. But then…crickets, like they vanished. It’s absolutely a nice surprise (2021, let’s keep em coming okay?) that they released a full length this week. But is it any good? YES! Better than that actually, it’s full of garagepoppunk hits with a healthy dose of psych influences. Crossed fingers for a physical release, because I need to have this in my collection.

*UPDATE: The band informed me that technically this is not a new release. Happy Peaks was recorded back in 2015 on a Tascam 4-track tape machine. It was never released and this is the first time it’s made available online. Regretfully, this the last recorded material of The Seeers. They stopped being a band in 2016.

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New single: The 40 Acre Mule || Dear Jen

Times like these, you need a drinkin’ song. That thought of the guys from The 40 Acre Mule led to the new (digital) track Dear Jen – out now through State Fair Records. It’s all there: a first line like ‘She was drunk when she said it’, the mighty voice of J. Isaiah Evans, the howling baritone sax of Chris Evetts, and the concentrated looks of the other band members, filmed in the appropriate environment from Bar & Grill Lakewood Landing. Unfortunately without an audience, while you should actually see this roots rock & roll 5-piece from Dallas, Texas live, which is not possible at the moment. Times like these, you need a drinkin’ song.

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New single: The Feels || She’s Probably Not Thinkin’ Of Me

You may have heard She’s Probably Not Thinkin’ Of Me by The Feels last year. If you, like me, LOVE powerpop that song probably made a lasting impression. Originally, the song was planned to be part of a perfectly titled EP 11 Monthly Listeners Can’t Be Wrong! I am not sure what happened, but that EP has not been released yet. Fortunately, Hurrah! Musica will release the single on a 7″ next month. The B-side is excellent as well.

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New single: Midnite Snaxxx || Contact Contamination

It’s great hearing Midnite Snaxxx take their sound to new heights with each release. It’s still high intensity punk, but are layers of sounds that were not present on their early releases. Here is the excellent new single Contact Contamination, accompanied with a trippy video. I think I like the B-side Fight Back even more. And as if these two songs alone aren’t already worth the purchase, take a look at the gorgeous artwork by Sarah Sequoia. Make sure you check Sarah’s other work as well!

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New album: Henrik Appel || Humanity

Swedish musician Henrik Appel played in the bands Martin Savage Gang and Lion’s Den and released his first solo record Burning Bodies in 2018. Now there is the strong successor Humanity, guitar music that automatically moves your feet. The LP evokes all kinds of associations and influences without being able to pinpoint exactly which ones (does the artist’s pleasant sneering voice sometimes really remind me of Noel Gallagher?), but that makes it a captivating listening session. The album is out now through PNKSLM Recordings, both digitally and on vinyl.

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New video: Johnny Ruiz & The Escapers || Stay

This debut single by Johnny Ruiz & The Escapers offers a summery combination of sweet soul and rocksteady, but also a story of the harshest realities of saying goodbye after an evening of maximum joy. After the release of Stay through Bang! Riddims / Mango Hill Records in November 2020, a first and second run of vinyl 7″ singles quickly sold out, but as of today a video of the song by the American sextet is online. Frontman ‘El Diamante’ Johnny Ruiz behind the microphone in combination with atmospheric images from 11th Street Records and Chops Barbershop & Shave Parlor in Las Vegas. What’s not to like?

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New album: The Nettelles || Do You Believe In…

By now I thought I knew most of the last of the garage punk unknowns, but The Treez’s 60’s track You Lied To Me Before was new to me. Discovered thanks to a nice cover by the Scottish garage rock band The Nettelles on their debut album Do You Believe In …. – released last month through Back to Beat Records, both digital and on vinyl. The LP contains a few more covers, but most of them are own songs, all equally fun. The band members have been around for a while in different other bands, but this music is played with audible enthusiasm and enjoyment as if they had just started. I particularly enjoy the organ and the choirs. RIYL Thee Headcoatees, Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?.

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PS  Very sad to read that the band’s co-founder / lead songwriter / vocalist / guitarist Clare Scrivener died of cancer way too young last August. All proceeds made from these record sales go to two charities: Maggie’s Center Edinburgh and Girls Rock School Edinburgh. 


New album : Petite League || Joyrider

Petite League released Joyrider today, their fifth record in six years. I enjoyed their previous outings, with their last one only just missing out on my 2019 AOTY list. New York Girls is still among my favorite songs of that year though. On Joyrider they have retained their distinct brand of catchy lo-fi indierock, but they are not afraid to try out new things and take the foot off the gas every now and then (pun not intended). Upon first listen I am intrigued by this one. So put it on, and while you’re at it, I recommend reading this sincere instagram post from Lorenzo of Petite League on creating the record. Let me finish with the band’s own introduction to the record: “Enjoy the ride! What else is there to do???”

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