New album: The GTO’s || ¡No Están Muertos!

The GTO’s are from Spain and play fast bubblegum poppunk in the vein of Screeching Weasel and The Queers. This type of music is made for summer, but I don’t mind at all that the band released their new record ¡No Están Muertos! in the middle of winter. The songs are catchy, the music is tight and the record injects a welcome burst of energy into my brain. Great album cover as well, which, if I am not mistaken, is taken from a Jack Kirby horror comic.

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New EP: The Vapour Trails || Underneath Tomorrow

The Scottish five-peace The Vapour Trails have released a mini album with seven new songs. As in their previous work, on Underneath Tomorrow you hear chiming guitars and beautiful harmonies again (the alternative jangle / pop / psych / rock band is influenced by The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub and 90’s Brit stuff). Give it a listen below. A CD and digital album are out now through Futureman Records.

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New reissue: The Paragons || Abba / Better Man Than I

In 1966 The Paragons recorded the ebullient, melodic, infectious, and danceable song Abba (no, it’s not about the Swedish pop group ABBA). At the time it wasn’t a national (or international) hit, but it’s now seen as one of the best garage rock classics. The track is still played by DJs with taste, and countless bands have covered it (The Satelliters, The Cynics, The Rosalyns, The Madd, etc.). For a copy of the original 45 you have to pay a ridiculously high amount, but the German independent music label Altercat comes to the rescue with the first official reissue of the 7″, an affordable one. The single comes with a 12-page info booklet with liner notes and previously unseen pictures.

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New album: Subsonic Eye || Nature Of Things

Straight from Singapore comes a new Subsonic Eye record. Nature Of Things is their third full-length, but I don’t recall listening to their previous work. The new one has my full attention though. It’s a diverse record. The kind that draws you in upon first listen, but leaves plenty to discover. The guitar work and vocals are particularly strong in the sound of the band, which balances between indie rock and indiepop – Snail Mail comes to mind in several songs. Standout tracks are Fruitcake, Further, Spiral and Unearth (video below).

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New EP: Drens || Live at Eurosonic 2021

Despite the corona pandemic, showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) has not been canceled this year. Understandably not as usual live with an audience in Groningen, the Netherlands, but online short performances by around 350 European artists can be streamed online these days. Yesterday Drens provided one of the most fun concerts, which can be viewed below. The surf punk four-piece from Dortmund played two songs from their EP Pet Peeves and their new single M vs. D. The show was also released today as a digital album (name your price download). Can’t wait to see some real live shows again, but for now this is a commendable alternative.

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New single: The Chisel || Come See Me / Not The Only One

The Chisel is Charlie Manning’s other band. Charlie, of course, is Chubby of Chubby And The Gang, who arguably released the greatest record of 2020. That does not mean that if you like Chubby And The Gang, you will automatically dig The Chisel. Or his previous classic straight edge hardcore project, Violent Reaction, who you should definitely check out. The Chisel sounds more hardcore, more street punk, more classic British punk. It’s angry, it’s furious. it’s confident, it works. Play it loud! Oi!

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New album: Made Violent || Wannabe

I’m still hoping that the Made Violent EP (2016) will be released on vinyl someday, but right now I’m especially happy that there is a new full-length album from the American rock band Made Violent. Wannabe rocks hard and old-fashioned, at the same time it swings smart and melodic in a modern way, convincingly played and sung – like The Strokes on speed. The LP is out today through Sakers. Yeah! 

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New album: Kid Chameleon || Unreaching The Reeds

If you are in the mood for an indiepop album that is not boring, not overly produced, but features pretty great songwriting, soothing vocals, and a mix of slower and faster songs, make sure you check out Unreaching The Reeds by Kid Chameleon. What a pleasant collection of homerecorded timeless indiepop. The uptempo Roque Bouquet is my early favorite of the record, I think. Or perhaps, My Girl Is 6 with its Teenage Fanclubesque chorus. Or is it Swan Song?

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New album: The Fragments || Get Lost

When I saw the name The Fragments, I was expecting another garage rock revival band. That turns out not to be the case: the four-piece from Calgary (Canada) say they play quirky indie pop. And for the variety between all those screeching guitars over here that is quite nice. If I count correctly, Get Lost is the seventh LP in eight years from the band, with sixteen sympathetic songs that make you nod your head. The new album is available digitally on Bandcamp, but there is also vinyl; you can send a message to if you would like to order a copy.

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