New single: Josh Del || Who Do You Love

Josh Del’s music encapsulates the time growing up in the scorching desert of the Coachella Valley. And although I’m a long way from there, it comes across loud and clear when he sings ‘I can’t believe this is happening’. His new (digital) single Who Do You Love is a slow soul / blues tune that probably will give you goosebumps. Raspy vocals, a bluesy guitar and heartfelt emotion, I love it.

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New single: The Sorels || Spring Break

With temperatures of 20 degrees below zero this week, Winnipeg is an unlikely location to birth summertime glammy poppunk. The Sorels are probably hardened by the cold or simply don’t care, because today marks the official release of their Spring Break single. The 7″‘is available in North America through Reta Records, and in Europe through the ever reliable Surfin’ Ki records.

Spring Break! // Can’t Wait! // Summer’s coming // Come On // Give Me A Taste

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New on vinyl: Fun Time Objects || C20/20 GO-GO!

Fun Time Objects have a playful take on garagepoppunk. The songs on C20/20 GO-GO! are bouncy, catchy and full of hit potential. Fans of Pale Lips and Nikki and The Corvettes, and fans of bubblegum punk in general will appreciate this one. For a sample, check out the video for their Ramones tribute Hey Joey. The record was originally released in 2020 as a tape on Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes, but is now also available on vinyl thanks to the kind folks of the GOOD TIMES Rock N Roll Club label. The name of that label basically says everything you need to know about this release. Enjoy!

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New album: Carambolage || On bouge en ville

One of my favorite songs of 2019 was Soupeur by Carambolage, a great catchy tune that you can mix seamlessly into Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi at your party – success guaranteed. That song was on an self-titled EP with 4 tracks, now followed by a full-length with 9 new songs. The guitars of the debut have been pushed to the background by synthesizers – the album is a combination of disco, post-punk and rock influences – but the upbeat melodies and French lyrics are strong again, impossible not to move your feet. Out now through Musique d’Aperitif Records. Judge yourself.

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New album: Liquids || Life Is Pain Idiot

Please, if you ever hear someone exclaim that “Punk is dead,” put them in a chair, and let him or listen to all 27 tracks on the new Liquids record Life Is Pain Idiot. Then ask whether they are sure.

Liquids play relentless garagepunk with snotty vocals at a blistering pace. And yet, underneath that trashy sound, the band often sounds surprisingly melodic and musical. For example, listen to Don’t Wanna Get To Know You or Think Too Much. Both songs sound like lost Exploding Hearts tracks (I am aware this is my second Exploding Hearts reference of today, but listen to those songs and tell me I am wrong). Or what about the r’n’r party track on speed Lemon Rice (Doomed To Live). Liquids even make Meatloaf sound good in their cover of Bat Out of Hell – don’t worry, they cut the ten minute original by almost 7 minutes with blunt force. Many of the songs on Life Is Pain Idiot have surfaced before online, but digital only. If I am not mistaken, the songs have been rerecorded with/by Erik Nervous. Anyhow, Liquids has never sounded this good before.  A vinyl release of the record with alternate “scary” artwork is due this summer. It’s a must own.

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New album: The Sino Hearts || Rock ‘N’ Roll Hurricane

The Sino Hearts are based in Bejing, China. They play garage/powerpop/rock-‘n’-roll hits with a punk attitude – it is clear that the band adores Exploding Hearts. The band already has two records under its belt, neither of which was perfect, but both contained several killer tracks. That’s why I am excited by their new release. On Rock ‘N’ Roll Hurricane the band picked the best tracks of both albums, added an exclusive track and pressed them on randomly colored vinyl. Out now on Texas indie label Otitis Media Records. I am definitely buying this.

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New album: Nervous Twitch || Nervous Twitch

English pop-punk band Nervous Twitch have released their fourth full-length album, the first to be self-titled. More music in the tradition of the Ramones, just what we need at this moment. The 3-piece play straightforward rock & roll (‘hook filled fuzzy new wave pop songs’, in their own words) and deliver their songs convincingly (‘fuck you I’m stronger than ever’, singer Erin Rumble shouts in Not Everyone’s Out To Get Me), and the organ that appears between the bass, guitar and drums provides a surprising element. This is a cool one. The LP is out now through Reckless Yes.

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New song: Bad Western || Sun In Yr Eyes

The Canadian four-piece indie rock band Bad Western released this happy song, one that you immediately sing along, one that you hope to hear on long car rides, one that I keep for my summer vacation playlist. Sun In Yr Eyes is available to stream / buy now, with all proceeds from the song going to support Eva’s, a charity in Toronto that helps homeless and at-risk youth.

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New EP: Civic Mimic || Selective Listening

Civic Mimic is a side-project of Jeff Hersch from the band Glazer. The songs I’ve heard from Glazer to me sound a little like a mix of Parquet Courts and Nirvana. Civic Mimic has a more garage and punk sound. Their new EP Selective Listening reminds me of one of my favorite punk bands of the past ten years: Tenement. I am not saying Civic Mimic is on that level yet, but I am really enjoying songs like Pity Patterns, Business Whip and Grass Placebo. Apparently, Selective Listening is Civic Mimic’s third EP, which is impressive considering their first one was released only nine months ago.

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New EP: Amoeba Earhart || Brain Eater

Amoeba Earhart is fun. The name of the band is a fun corruption of the name of the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. The band describes their garage pop as “happy, fuzzy, and scuzzy,” or as I would put it: fun. Just listen to Getting Older Sucks, and you will see what I mean. That song is a classic simple and effective protopunktrack. Fun, right? Or what about Too Involved? Fun. Speaking of fun, if you want to sleep tonight, don’t google Amoeba Earhart Brain Eater.

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