Favorite Album Covers Gallery (2021)

A selection of our favorite album covers.
In chronological order. If known, we also mention the designer.

Kid Krill || This New World Is Old News

Ulan Bator || Nouvel Air
Cover art: Andy Bluvertigo

Goodbye World || At Death’s Door

Fixtures || Life In Retreat

Watching Tides || We’ve Been So Close, Yet So Alone

Infiltro || Disforia
Cover art: Paco Puente

Locked In || The Solemn Leap

Wasuremono || Let’s Talk, Pt. 1

Villagers || Fever Dreams

Terreur Nocturne || Terreur Nocturne

Never Better || Do Better

Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble || NOW
Cover art: Damon Locks

Complainer / Moonrace || Split
Cover art: Curtis Tinsley

Fishboy || Waitsgiving
Cover art: Eric Michener

Cusp || Spill EP

Nuns of the Tundra || The World’s Gone Cracy And So Have I


Tendinite || Neither​/​Nor
Cover art: Val l’Enclume

Guay! || Todo Esto Es Para Ti
Cover art: Sergi Puyol

Lifeguard || Receiver / Sun Ra Jane

William The Conqueror || Maverick Thinker
Cover art: Headjam

Western Threads || Cowboys in Montmartre
Cover art: Jacob Lewis & Shen

TØRSÖ || Home Wrecked
Cover art: Johannes Stahl

Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates || Alive and Dying Fast
Cover art: Jordan Hudkins

The Backstops || Losers
Cover art: Rebel Rules

Honshu-Wolves || Cosmic Creature Capture
Cover Art: Joana Hermes & Claudio Marchegiani

Weezer || OK Human
Cover art: Mattias Adolfsson

Joe Pug || The Diving Sun

Dylan Lipke || Bonespur
Cover art: Dylan Lipke (“graphic artist by day and musician by night”)

The GTO’s || ¡No Están Muertos!

Midnite Snaxxx || Contact Contamination (EP)
Cover art: Sarah Sequoia

Please get in touch if credits are incorrect or missing.

More to follow!

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