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New album: Dazy || MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs

Be careful what you wish for. Earlier this year, I wrote about Dazy. I mentioned how I hoped James Goodson, who is the artist/music publicist/podcast host behind this one-man band, would someday release his best work on a LP. There is no LP yet, but we do get a digital/cassette compilation of all of the songs Dazy has recorded so far, including three new songs. And that’s a lot: MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD has 24 tracks of hook filled fuzzy ’90s alt pop. What stands out even more than the quantity of Dazy’s output is its consistent quality. Good luck in finding a filler track among these songs. Don’t just take my word for it, here are some blurbs from Bandcamp supporters that I fully agree with:
“It’s brand new music that makes me nostalgic. That’s why we listen, isn’t it?” (Foobella)
“It’s like someone passed the 90s through a filter so only the best bits were left: fuzzy guitars and massive hooks.” (Mark Grassick)
“We are witnessing the beginning of something truly great.” (Captain_Codeine)

MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD is out now on cassette at Convulse Records in a limited run of 50, which of course is already sold out. Fingers crossed that this gets pressed on vinyl eventually.

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New EP: The Coloring || Night Before

The Coloring is a project by singer / songwriter / guitarist Josh Silva, who rightly sees music as an art, which he tries to give color, together with his friends, however they can. Four examples of this can be heard on the (digital) EP Night Before. This is indie rock like bands like OPM made about 20 years ago, with tempo changes, guitar outbursts and rap-like vocals. However, you can hear from the lyrics that it’s 2021. The song Phrases wonderfully arranges peoples favorite online phrases: “Busted. Period. I’m Dead. Fire. To Some extent. No worries. Just Kidding. Old School. And I’m Winning. Oh damn, Fam. It’s Lit . As good as one can get.” Like. 🙂

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New EP: Melin Melyn || Blomonj

Now this is fun and intriguing, extraordinary and eclectic at the same time. Or actually: this is fun and intriguing because it’s extraordinary and eclectic, but – different than usual with this description – also accessible, catchy, summery, and light-hearted. Welsh six-piece Melin Melyn (translated: Yellow Mill) is a psychedelic country pop band that naturally blurs the line between folk, rock, pop, surf, psych, and jazz, singing about weird tales of colorful characters and magical worlds in both English and Welsh. The music is just as eye-catching and exceptional as the cake in the cover photo, but also just as carefully constructed, cheerful and tasty – respecting the virtues of the past but determined to throw a party in the present. The six songs on debut EP Blomonj are all different, but all hits in their own way. Like they say: “Mwynhewch!” Enjoy!

Blomonj is out now digitally and on 12″ colored vinyl through Bingo Records. RIYL Kaizers Orchestra, The Zutons. The Golden Dregs.

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New album: LittleBoy || QuarterLife

Anyone who wants to, can nowadays record songs and share them with the world, but not everyone has the talent and perseverance to do so convincingly. Zach DeZago Adams succeeded. While the New Yorker is still young – before work and children hijack his life, as he expects – he shows that you can get a lot done in music and media on your own. As LittleBoy he writes, plays, records, produces, and sings everything himself, and he does it in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of the early work of Car Seat Headrest. This is appealing, guitar-driven lo-fi indie rock with searching lyrics. “Why am I writing this song?”, Zach asks in Can’t Last. The answer is as simple as it’s true: so that you and I can listen to it. Stream the ten tracks of LittleBoy’s new album QuarterLife below.

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New album: Darrin Bradbury || Artvertisement

American folk satirist Darrin Bradbury has released his third album, Artvertisement, in which he tells 12 tragicomic stories in 27 minutes and 46 seconds. Tempo (up, down), styles (folk, country, rock, punk), and instrumentation (electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, drum machine, piano) of the songs vary, but it’s the lyrics that steal the show. Each track opens with a telling line that represents another extraordinary thought from the singer / songwriter that sets the tone for the next 2-3 minutes, in which quotable observations, some name-dropping and sometimes a remarkable conclusion follow, before the next fanciful thought comes from the speakers. I won’t claim that the music will stand the test of time, but for now I’m having a great time with this record. RIYL Craig Finn, Courtney Barnett, Jeff Rosenstock.

Out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through ANTI- Records.

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New single: Spells & Hooper || Rock N Roll Swap Meet: Day 1

Snappy Little Numbers is a record label that is so productive, it’s almost impossible to keep up with their releases. And, because the label’s roster is so diverse it’ll depend on your taste pallet how much of these releases are for you. Here is a split single that definitely is for me. Two rockin’ punkrock bands, Hooper and Spells, cooperate for the first installment of a new single series from the label. The idea? Two bands cover eachother’s songs, and they also write a song for the other band to record.

Does it work? In this case: yes! Two songs stand out particularly for me. The first is Hooper’s version of Forget About Virgina, a Spells original that fits the band like a glove. The second highlight is the song Hooper wrote for Spells. Corporate Welfare Queen is a short anthem that wastes no time in winning you over, and reminds me in a good way of Avail. Snappy Little Numbers is off to a strong start of what looks to be a fun single series.

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New album: Vacation || Existential Risks And Returns

It’s summer, and as you may have noticed, we will be posting less frequently this month. What better band to do a post about than Vacation? The Cincinatti (Ohio) indiepunkers have been quite prolific in the past, with their Southern Grass double album in 2017 as their most ambitious project, but their new album is their first in three years. Like on their previous records, expect a catchy and energetic blend of punkrock, powerpop, grunge and GBV-fi – the band self-describes as grit pop. I’ve always enjoyed this band’s records. One of Vacation’s strengths is that they know how to balance between more noisy experimental songs, and really infectious and hooky pop songs. Existential Risks And Returns is no exception. Stand out tracks for me are Colored By Numbers, Luminary Jerry, and Quantum Cafe, but from past experiences, I already predict that’s subject to change.

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New album: The Lipschitz || Chevron

The Lipschitz are an artsy punk duo from Chicago. I assume both members have six arms and four legs, there is just so much going on their new album Chevron. The music is loud and hyperactive; the guitar riffs are as weird as they are cool; the back and forth singing is hypnotizing, and the start-stop dynamics are like an irregular heartbeat that keeps you on your toes. In less capable hands this would have been an unlistenable mess, but with The Lipschitz at the reigns it becomes a thrilling form of orchestrated chaos. Chevron is out now on Company Businesses Inc on A LOT of color variations.

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New EP: Sweet Teeth || Acid Rain

It’s a good release week for fans of heavy and melodic guitar driven altpop. Sweet Teeth are from Sweden but they have a very American sound that will appeal to fans of Bob Mould and Dinosaur Jr. The guitars are loud and layered, and the melodies strong on the band’s 7-song debut mini-LP. Have a taste of My Heart Is Big And Broken and Her, and let the Acid Rain wash over you.

Sweet Teeth features members from a wide variety of prominent Swedish acts such as Disfear, Year of the Goat, and Dollhouse. Fingers crossed this is the start of something bigger for the band.

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New EP: Stay Put || Stay Put

In all honesty, there is a reason not to buy the debut 7″ of Plymouth (UK) band Stay Put. And that is its generic orange cover. It’s the only thing I don’t really care for. Anything else is pretty good to pretty great. With a release on Crew Cut Records, and a classic hardcore band name, I did not expect the band to sound like a ’90s alternative guitar band. But they do, not unlike a heavier version of the Lemonheads or a slightly lower paced version of early Superchunk. The vocals are buried a bit too low in the mix for my taste, but what a solid start from a very promising new act!

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